Today is Bryce and Austin.
Read pages ( ). .
Walk around to help and check. .
About, terms, privacy Policy, licence information, contact @copyright 2015.Jan will get Astarted on her modified work. .Hand out the lucky treat!And I wont forget my promise- To do my very best!Anytime you catch a group being good you may reward points. .They may place page four in the finished basket when they are done 10:25 10:45 Have this group take turns reading pages 76 78 in the blue Reading Mastery BooksThey need to be following along while the other reads. .3.) Primary Teacher Time Savers For January Through June.)Primary Teacher Timesavers For Teaching Reading Literature Teaching Heart Packets;.) ALL OF OUR packets mentioned Below: End of The Year Packet, Winter Packet, fall halloween packet, The.Crocodile Bingo (bingo board with various topics such as "has a pet cat, went on vacation etc.).
Teacher : Spell the word frog, what word?
The first week is a lot like over t don't expect to get it all ere is always next week!
They usually sit right down and begin to work on this.
Giraffes Giraffes live on the savanna.10:20 11:15 Begin favorites rough draft for computer. .Have the student take turns rolling the dice. .About half of my half-day K's come to school with no prior experiences such as pre-school or daycare.(Do a couple) Turn to journal page two. .