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It looks like the above 3 are my options.
I have already written several e-mails and they don't seem to be motivated to give me what I am owed.
Question in withdrawing via Bitcoin.Does someone want to lay out there reasoning behind either switching to BetOnline or ignition?Disrespecting other users.Are there lots of people playing at each stake or only at certain times?14 comments 75 Upvoted, community Details r/poker 491, online, shuffle up and deal!Press J to jump to the feed.I have played poker in nearly every poker room online since online poker began and I have never experienced this level of disregard for a statistique keno semaine finale customer or his legitimate complaints over being robbed by the poker client.Official subreddit for all things poker.Well, you guessed it!Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.
The sadest part is that I have been very successful on this site and I would like to continue to play here, but if they do not rectify this situation by mid-day I will be forced to withdraw my funds and to close my account.
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BUT, if that is the case why then would it not SAY that anywhere?
I can safely say that I wholeheartedly recommend avoiding this site AT ALL costs!
After all the stuff about bots and collusion (although idk how much of this is at the micros) and also that other sites are softer Im thinking about making a switch.
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Poor quality hand histories.I remember visiting a site with the current players on each site awhile back, can someone give me the url for it?Even though I cashed in solely to play poker.It has now been 14 hours and they still have not fixed a problem that if it were my company I would and could fix the moment the issue was brought to my attention.update: After speaking with them several times this morning they have still not re-entered me into the tournament I won entry.For the life of me I can not seem to figure out the benefit that this very shady move brings their business.I tapis de table poker like my hud for tracking myself but theres a way to get your hands from ignition right?Im from the Uk, living in Australia so I need to find a new site to play.I have a confirmation e-mail from Bet Online to congratulate me for being entered into the tournament and no where in this e-mail does it state to not un-register or anything even closely resembling that.Anyone want to share their experience with bet online with me?The tournament ticket is not in my balance and is non-existent now!

I mostly play MTTs in the 5-15 range and 6max cash in the 25NL-50NL range.
Wondering which sites have the best traffic/options for those?