His expertise shines way beyond the world of design.
From the 1980s onwards he made his mark on the hotel industry and those years saw a flamboyant revolution.
Eichholtz - all models.
Starck loves the sea, boats and has a profound, natural knowledge of the ocean, defining himself as poke pelago egg hatching glitch an amphibian, "webbed feet and a back covered in scales".He has created elements for the bathroom (for Duravit, Hansgrohe, Hoesch, Axor and a toothbrush (Fluocaril, 1989).Available from May 2013 onwards, made and distributed by the Slovenian company Riko, this all-inclusive solution, for all, totally encompasses the preoccupations that have been animating Philippe Starck from the beginning: accessibility, comfort, security, adaptability to needs, timeless design, integrating a genuine industrial process.Striving for durability, to establish a sustainable relationship between Man, production and object is the first step in engaging with environment protection.Formal and composed when receiving guests, the Privé Collection (2007) provides the perfect field of transgression in the intimate and private parts of the house.Thanks to its technology it equally allows for good design and good technology at the right price.It encapsulates what is most beautiful in Corsica.
In France, he signs the extension of the National School of Decorative Arts ( ensad ) in Paris (1998).
In 2005 Philippe Starck mischievously revisited the Baccarat traditions by daring to revive the tradition of black crystal.
Here he initiated his collaborations with the biggest design manufacturers in Italy.
Philippe Starck has repeatedly demonstrated that whatever its size or purpose, the honest object in the introduction we evoked the honest approach of the man and designer Starck does what it can do to the best of its means, most efficiently, most usefully and most.
He designed the interior and exterior of Ma Cocotte, a restaurant that launched in September 2012 at the Saint-Ouen flea market near Paris.
The Paramount in New York offering rooms for 100 came first and it has since become a classic of the genre.If the music is right, then Im ready to work.This collaboration with the hotel chain belonging to the visionary entrepreneur Sam Nazarian continues today: new SLS hotels have opened with the same success in South Beach Miami (2012 with other versions on the horizon in New York, Miami Brickell (2016) as well as Philadelphia.An airtight wood burner can be added to by a system known as box with a variety of functions: storage boxes adapted to the storage of firewood, and boxes that accumulate heat allowing for a gradual diffusion of warmth over a 24h plus period.Technical elegance is also at the heart of the Bon Jour collection conceived with Flos.The first is equipped with a tactile surface which responds to touch and allows application launches with a single swipe.Starck Product edit, in 1969 Starck designed an inflatable structure, based on the idea of materiality, reflecting his early interest in living spaces.Not just beautiful and elegant, they are high quality, practical and easy to use.

If we want to think about things in the long term, we have to be sure the style we create today will still be acceptable in 50, 100, even 200 years time.
Hotels edit Since 1989, Philippe Starck has designed many buildings in Japan.
A profoundly ethical approach pushed Philippe Starck to devise the Feuille dEau in 2010, and then the Lame dEau in 2014 - a reusable flask and carafe respectively, designed to encourage people to drink tap water for the common good of humanity, while its sales.