So Hato has found a solution: the hall is enlarged and there are less counterswhich doesn't matter because they weren't used anyway, they say.
So there: So sue me, already.
Now he assures that it's UTS telecom that enables, aids and abets 4 on-line casinos doing business in Holland.20, 30 years ago (pretty vague, that) 200 casino jeux france toulon meters were ordered, duly delivered and then discarded because they couldn't reach an agreement on the price per kilometer.Chata Chooses Color Of course the hotel association did so long ago.Whiteman utters dark suspicions that there are civil servants here with hidden agenda.Incidentally, the total debt run up by Venezuela to the two InselAir companies is now suddenly almost doubled: from 100 million guilders to 97 million dollars, 175 million guilders.Members will reconsider and possibly decide to disband.Sehos Sores (That's a Yiddish pun, sorry, you anti-semite bastard.) Most non-Sehos surgeons didn't show up for surgery today, so many patients were just thrown out to die in the streets.Once here, you just jump ship and disappear in downtown Willemstad.
That Same Report A Curaçao majority (no saying how large) wants financial and juridical supervision by Holland.
Update 09:51 - They're back.
Obviously a very old "civilization".
Now Trying Saba Precious little has been heard lately about the Grand Plans to supply Hato airport with thermal energy.Next year, more inflation is expected, but rather less economy (because the new hospital might get finished then).Arrindell Is a Jolly Joker, Mon Seems he hasn't got.Too Little, Too Late Crude price is going up again, as production of non-opec members drops.Cicely's main regrets, to read it in the press, were that her parents had seen a photo of her in prisoners' outfit and that internationally her name has gone down the drain.I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my days." So ghost-writes Shorty on FakeBooc, with his usual gall adding a hash-tag Nelson Mandela.Looks like thosehow many?MAN, MoFoK and PS are negative on the ties with Holland.Tough on all those 60 labs working like crazy to develop a vaccine: by the time it's ready, who needs it?Now we're there anyway, why not Karnaval?All this from a completely unreliable report, keep that in mind.

So, as you may have noticed, I'm up and ready already to bore you all some more.
Ok Kid, mit dem Album Sensation ist OK Kid ein klares politisches Statement und ein hemmungsloses Bekenntnis zum Pop gelungen, und das mit einer neuen Leichtigkeit.
But if you do anything to attract tourists, like opening hotels and restaurants, or developing terrains so people can come in and buy houses there, you're home free.