how old do you have to play bingo

Classification: Adage Meaning: This is a metaphor. .
Take it slow and steady and you might win somebody's love.
Classification: proverb/maxim, meaning: Getting plenty of sleep (by going to bed early) certainly helps the body remain healthy. .
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.I was confused, trying to process what was happening.A penny saved is a penny earned.He then leaned in, put his hand on my shoulder (in a much friendlier way and said, You can go ahead and post the photo.A "tango" is a kind of dance. .Perhaps there is never a proverb that holds true in ALL situations.Reconciliation cannot be made.Your preparations were for naught. .
It is up to us, today, to put those proverbs/sayings to the test and see if they are true or not.
Classification: adage; maxim, meaning: Two minds (working together) are better than one mind (working alone).
"Making hay" is a task, which represents any/all tasks. .
Brilliant, I thought, and absolutely true. .
Sometimes, love isn't enough.
For information or comments regarding this website, email: Return to top of this page.Saying, etymology: from Old English Say (tell) ing (gerund suffix).If we were to combine the two proverbs, it would look like this: "Learn about the bridges that you might have to cross, learn what you need to do, but don't worry about. .Reconciliation: You can do it well, and still not finish. .Of course, Im sharing it now, and if youre wondering why, its because of what happened next.Hard work is what is needed to succeed.

Classification:  maxim/saying Meaning:  Cats can have nine near-death experiences before they actually "kick the bucket" (for meaning of "kick the bucket" see slang page / death section).
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Classification: cliché Meaning:  Dogs are human's best friends.