Genr torture LD thinglife 'Do not torture animals.' As discussed above, this sentence does not require a negative particle, because the negative imperative verb is sufficient.
Hunkin (Programme Director, Samoan Studies, Victoria University of Wellington University of Hawaii Press.
Lelei, good; o le lelei, goodness; silisili, excellent or best; o lona lea silisili, that is his excellence or that is his best."Diacritical Marks and the Samoan Language".In Example 2, there is both a preverbal pronoun ( ou ) AND a TAM particle loto mardi 6 fevrier 2018 following it ( te ).Except when spoken of as property, riches, things laid up in store.Many verbs may become participle-nouns by adding ga ; as sau, come, sauga ;.g.O ai le Toa, Samoa!A negative particle may mark a negative verbal clause, as seen in the example below (from Mosel Hovdhaugen, 1992,.56).15 Phonotactics edit Samoan syllable structure is (C)V, where V may be long or a diphthong.It seems that the inclusion of negation in the verb itself disallows the negative particle from the sentence structure.People, relations, slaves; o ona tagata, his people; o le faletua o le alii, the chief's wife.For example; fa'atolu three times.
A kind of compound adjective is formed by the union of a noun with an adjective; as o le tagata promo casino en ligne qui paye lima mlosi, a strong man, literally, the stronghanded man; o le tagata loto vaivai, a weak-spirited man.
22 The additional letters h, k, r are used in foreign loanwords, apart from the single interjection puke(ta)!
15 Some nouns are derived from verbs by the addition of either ga, saga, taga, maga, or aga : such as tuli, to chase; tuliga, chasing; luluu, to fill the hand; luutaga, a handful; feanu, to spit; anusaga, spittle; tanu, to bury; tanulia, the part.
Te genr faasunoa torture meaola thinglife Aua e te faasunoa 'i meaola Don't.
In one or two cases a is prefixed; as apulupulu, sticky, from pulu, resin; avanoa, open; from v and noa.In colloquial Samoan, however, /n / merge as and /t/ is pronounced.Le Manu Samoa e ua malo ona fai o le faiva Le Manu Samoa e ua malo ona fai o le faiva The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission Le Manu Samoa lenei.Weapons and implements, as clubs, knives, swords, bows, cups, tattooing instruments, etc.s/ is less sibilant than in English, and /h/ and /r/ are found only in borrowings, with /s/ and /l/ sometimes being substituted for them.

When attached to negated verb phrases, faa means having the qualities of or being similar to whatever is denoted by the basic stem or phrase.
29 Much like the Bible helped improve literacy and understanding of the language throughout Samoan communities, written works continue to be important in much the same way today.
Ua matu silisili ona lelei, it is very exceedingly good; ua tele nau, it is very great.