poka yoke assembly examples

Contact methods are useful in situations which encourage mistakes.
If a process map or process flow does not exist, create one.
Improper part/ item: Wrong part installed in assembly.
Bolts are tightened with a wrench dipped in paint.Eg: completing data entry fields when taking an order 3 Performance sequence type ensures steps are performed In the right order eg, the use of a checklist for pre-flight checks or completing forms In a logical way.A simple poka-yoke device would incorporate the use of a wrench dipped in diluted paint."Using Poka-Yoke Concepts to Improve a Military Retail geant casino catalogue puericulture Supply System." Production and Inventory Management Journal 37,.John Deere produced a gearbox that was assembled without oil, mounted on a machine, and required replacement after factor tests.Select the Method, if the step cannot be simplified or eliminated then select the appropriate device or method of mistake proofing for the operation."Poka-Yoke Designs Make Assemblies Mistake-proof." Machine Design, 181184.
Toyota Motor Corporation, whose production system Shingo helped design, averages twelve poka-yoke devices poker star bonus sans depot per machine in their manufacturing plants, thus validating the concept as beneficial to industry.
The electrical connectors in one machine control formerly used only three-pin connectors to join each in a series.
Dvorak gives the example of an operator who is responsible for tightening down six bolts on a product.
On Varian machines, assemblers are guided by small machined-in pictures that cannot wear off.Poka-yoke is a most impressive and powerful tool.Each instruction involves the next item from the box.Continue to review the processes and look for ways to prevent errors that could result in defects until it becomes part of the organizational culture.The simple solution involved three, four and five-pin connectors that cannot join others and demand a single assembly sequence.John Grout presented these examples in "Mistake-Proofing Production an article written for Production and Inventory Management Journal: Trinity Industries Railcar Division workers created a layout jig to avoid having to use a tape measure and chalk to position subassemblies on each car individually.Customer poka-yokes Fail-safeing the customer also consists of three of poka-yoke systems: preparation poka-yokes, encounter poka-yokes, and resolution poka-yokes.Gradual continuous le guide du collectionneur de machines a sous improvement should become part of the daily routine.

A Pareto can provide valuable information in selecting the process.
All that is needed is a way to ensure that the error is investigated and corrected in a timely manner.