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This includes censure of the comparative and superlative funner and funnest, but equally constructions such as very fun (rather than, say, a lot of fun ).
(43) (57) Svoloch' Bastard (89) (11) Tebe Pizd'ets You are fucked.
Usage notes edit Note that, prescriptively, the adjectival use of fun is often considered unacceptable in formal contexts.Ambonesse, america english, american, american (louisiana creole american English.Pronunciation edit Noun edit fun ( uncountable ) amusement, enjoyment or pleasure 2000, Robert Stanley, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adobe Photoshop 6, Alpha Books, page 377 Grafting your foxy casino spin the wheel boss's face onto the hind end of a donkey is fun, but serious fun is when.Please think about voting for the accuracy of Russian swear words below or even add a Russian cuss or Russian slang phrase.Hey jackass, get over here!
Arabic (aleppo arabic (lebanese arabic (moroccan arabic (sudanese).
More at fon, fond.
(69) (31) kipi lou pau cut your skin (foreskin) (70) (30) kissi la'u muli kiss my ass (74) (26) komo your a shit (48) (52) le kipi foreskin/ hasnt cut (48) (52) melo melo lou pi your vagina is glittery (73) (27) moepi bed wetter (62) (38) moipe pee on the bed.
The older meaning is preserved in the phrase "to make fun of " (1737) and in usage of the adjective funny.
Tulu Tumbuka Tunisian Arabic Tunisian arabic Turancca Turkabic Turkey Turkish Turkmen Turko-english Turko-french Twi Typical white boy Ukrainian Umbi Unicorn United kingdom Uoymlihkx Urdu Uruguay Us marine corps swearwords Uyghur Uzbek Vaiphei Valley girl Vampire Vanilla hat Vanuatu (pidgin) Venezuelan Venician italian Verlan Vghs Vietnamese.What for?(rude) (81) (19) Ostyn' Chill out (83) (17) Otebis' Fuck off (83) (17) Oyah Dah Papakina, Yoscho Papakina Oh Yea re daddy (27) (73) Oyobuk Fucking retard (46) (54) P'yan v stel-ku Really drunk (78) (22) Pashla na hui.(77) (23) Tee Karova You cow!(56) (44) ai kae!Old Frisian fonna, fone, fomne, variant forms of Old Frisian fmne, fmne (young woman, virgin from Proto-Germanic *faimnij loto 44 robert (maiden from Proto-Indo-European *peymen- (girl *poymen- (breast milk).Confident of ( ) I am confident of success.

( Chlen v rot!
Verb edit fun first-person singular preterite indicative of ir Etymology 2 edit Inflected form of ser (to be).
(69) (31) Ey, parshiviy, syuda idi!